Tourists flock to NYC in record numbers

January 4, 2011
New York City Polaroid

Wish you were here!

The mayor set a goal of 50 million tourists by 2012, and it looks like he shouldn’t have any trouble getting his wish. According to a report published by NYC & Co., 48.7 million tourists visited the Big Apple in 2010, up 6.8% from 2009. According to all accounts, that’s a record for New York City.

The biggest group of visitors were leisure visitors, up 6.5% from last year, while business travel was up 3.5%. International visits increased 13%.

What does all that mean besides increased revenue for businesses that cater to tourists? 6,600 new hospitality jobs alone, according to the numbers.

You can get the in-depth story at Crains New York.

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Photo Credit: Juan Carlos on Flickr

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