Real Estate search site Zillow launches agent reviews

January 12, 2011

Zillow LogoReal estate search engine is no stranger to customer reviews; they’ve been allowing customers to rank mortgage lenders in their Mortgage Marketplace for quite some time now.

They’re taking the success of customer reviews for lenders and applying it to real estate agents. Now, when you use their Directory to search for agents, you have the opportunity to review them in five areas: Local knowledge, Process expertise, Responsiveness, and Negotiation skills.

Customer reviews have worked out well for retail sites such as Amazon,  but can those same principles apply appropriately to a professional service industry? Apparently Zillow thinks so. This puts them in the same arena as review-focused sites such as Yelp or CitySearch.

Have you used Zillow? What are your thoughts on reviewing agents on a site like this?

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7 Responses to Real Estate search site Zillow launches agent reviews

  1. Brandon Breeden on January 18, 2011 at 9:11 am

    would be nice to see how this plays out.. Zillow seems to have a lot of confidence in their product, as you say it would be very very tough, not to mention weird to implement this in the real estate and service markets…i have bookmarked your site, so i am hoping you will keep us updated on this…

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