Selling a house — the paperless way

March 9, 2011

sold houseI have a young friend, in her mid-20s, who is building her successful real estate career. One of her secret ingredients has been an unlikely piece of equipment — an iPad.

Part of the draw for her is she works in a suburban and rural area, so sometimes she’s showing a property that’s 45 minutes or an hour from her office. If the person loves it, she just calls up the papers on her iPad, has them sign the screen, and then everyone is on their way — no making another trip all the way back to the office.

She works with people who are older than her, and most of them can’t believe she uses this technology instead of pen and paper. She can’t believe that they haven’t adopted new technology to make their job easier — or at least more mobile.

Inman News’ website also talked to a few realtors who has recently gone paperless. As one says:

“Going paperless has freed up a lot of my time. All my documents, contracts and contacts are in one centralized location for me to manage and … access from anywhere. There is no need to drive to the office, make copies or meet clients for signatures.”

What do you think? Would you ever make the leap?

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